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The Pavement Problem

For several reasons, the lifespan of pavement has decreased significantly. In many cases, it has to be replaced in as little as 8 years. With asphalt prices increasing year over year, budgets cannot handle the frequency of replacement. As a result, tolerance for degrading, unsightly pavement has unfortunately become the norm. There is a Better Way - Chemically Rehabilitate Your Pavement

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The Chemical Rehab Process

Chemically rehabilitating asphalt pavement is the process of putting back in what has oxidized out. More specifically, by using specialized processes and equipment, the binding components of the pavement that keep it flexible and true to its definition of being a flexible concrete, are replenished. By rehabilitating pavement every 3-5 years, the lifespan of that pavement will be indefinite, saving time and money on costly overlays and annual maintenance.

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Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP), also known as millings, is abundant and often used to create usable, although short lived, driving and parking surfaces. Through an innovative, environmentally friendly process, Asphalt Rehabilitation Technologies rebinds the loose RAP creating a durable, functional surface for less than half the cost of new asphalt.

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About Asphalt Rehab Tech

Located in upstate New York, Asphalt Rehabilitation Technologies helps municipalities, school districts, homeowners' associations and businesses prolong the life of their pavement. With more than 30 years of pavement knowledge and experience, we are experts in the field of asphalt rehabilitation.

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Pavement Dressing Conditioner (PDC) is a proprietary pavement rejuvenator/sealer. Unlike traditional surface treatments, PDC penetrates into the pavement reducing viscosity and increasing ductility. PDC seals the surface against water migration and UV degradation and is salt, oil and fuel resistant.

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PDC Versus Conventional Surface Treatments

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PDC penetrates the asphalt binder to restore flexibility and seals the surface.

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Conventional surface treatments merely coat the surface.

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Asphalt Rehabilitation Videos

If you’re seeking a more affordable and effective way to help protect and prolong the life of your roads, parking lots and other pavement surfaces, our videos are a great place to start. Asphalt Rehabilitation Technologies takes you step-by-step through the rehabilitation process.

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