Since the 1960s Pavement Dressing Conditioner (PDC) has been on the forefront of pavement preservation.  Invented by Mr. Ed McGovern, PDC is an asphalt rejuvenator/sealer that “significantly lowers viscosity, increases penetration, lowers softening point and increases the ductility of the binder without disturbing the binder’s ability to retain aggregate and not significantly lower skid resistance” (Brown, McGovern, Roestler and White) 

As pavement ages, the binding components oxidize, rapidly reducing the condition of the pavement.  PDC penetrates into the pavement restoring it to a “like new” condition.  If applied as part of a pavement management program, PDC will keep your pavement in the Fair/Good range, reducing annual maintenance and eliminating the need for costly overlays.

Life-Cycle of Pavement Condition

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