The lifespan of pavement has been negatively impacted by several factors, some of them being:

1. The introduction of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) into new mixes

  • In an effort to recycle millings, they are added to new pavement mixes. The amount of RAP per batch can be anywhere from 15%-50% depending on state guidelines. 

2. The reduction of liquid asphalt in new mixes

  • As RAP is entered into new mixes, the pavement manufacturer receives a credit for the liquid asphalt that remains in the recycled product.  This credit allows for less liquid asphalt to be added to the new mix.

3. The quality of RAP in new mixes

  • Over time, RAP piles include milled pavement that, when it was first mixed, had RAP added.  This RAP that includes RAP is now entered into a new mix, further reducing the quality and quantity of binding components in that new mix.

With asphalt prices increasing year over year, budgets cannot handle the frequency of replacement.  As a result, tolerance for degrading, unsightly pavement has unfortunately become the norm.  There Is A Better Way – Chemically Rehabilitate Your Pavement!

Components of Asphalt

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