When installing asphalt pavement, the physical, civil engineering portion, is the part that most people think about.  While proper installation is crucial to performance, the chemical portions of the pavement are crucial to long life.

As pavement ages, the chemical portions of the pavement (maltenes) oxidize out.  Once the chemical portions are gone, the pavement loses its ability to bind the aggregate (asphaltenes).  In addition, the pavement becomes brittle, having lost its flexibility. 

What if you could put those chemicals back into the pavement?  The chemical rehabilitation process does just that.

With the use of specialized equipment, products and processes, the chemical components are replenished, restoring the pavement’s flexibility and ability to bind the aggregate.  As an added benefit, the pavement is salt, oil and fuel resistant, has a non slip surface and is protected against water migration and UV degradation.

By rehabilitating pavement every 3-5 years as part of a Pavement Management Plan, the life of your pavement will be indefinite, savings time and money on annual maintenance and costly overlays.

Pavement Rehab in Progress Upstate NY

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